23 October 2011

Making Your Own Organiser

Have you ever woken up in the morning and thought 'I wish I could make my own organiser'? After my post the other day about page sizes. Wouldn't it be great to make your own organiser for what ever size paper you wanted.

At first I thought the main problem would be finding a ring mechanism, people wouldn't want to wreck one of their existing Filofax organisers just to get a set of rings,  with the possible exception of an Apex!

So I did a few searches on the Interwebs and discovered a few suppliers:
Then I turned to the leather part of the organiser. Now I'm no craft expert my self, but I'm sure there are plenty of local firms in your part of the world that might be able to make a suitable organiser in leather if you gave them a suitable design or 'example' idea.

Again a quick look on the web I found this small UK company making various leather goods of good quality and size to an organiser.
But I also found this useful guide for buying leather one another website
They also have a range of tools and thread etc. So you could finish your organiser in what ever colour you wanted.

So it might be feasible to make or have made an organiser to your own design. But before the legal people at Filofax start sharpening their pencils... I don't think they need to worry about us going in to competition with them with an aptly named Philofaxy Organiser... just yet!


  1. I.m not creative enough to make my own dividers but I love the idea of ordering a customised binder. Maybe Filofax could start a bespoke service like Anya Hindmarch offers leather goods - you could choose from a set of templates, leathers, colours, sizes, bespoke inserts of course plus you could have it personalised. I mean it would be horrendously expensive but it would be amazing!!!


  2. What a good idea!!
    I've heard some mentions of swapping rings over, i.e. putting a 30mm mechanism in a smaller binder, could you write something on that please Steve? thanks!!

  3. Sent quote requests to 3 manufacturers mentioned. Will let you know what happens.

  4. Hi TPS,
    I'm waiting for a used A5 Adelphi to become available just to swop the ring with the one in the Holborn. 20mm would be a good size for me. The ring mechanisms are held in place by two rivets and it's straightforward to carefully open each rivet and remove the mech. Sadly Filofax won't just sell you - or swop - a replacement ring mechanism and the company that makes them in China (World Wide Stationery) needs a minimum order of around 10,000! Tim

  5. One week has passed. No answers to the requests for quotations.

  6. It is OK. They are probably not into small orders, I guess. Will look into other alternatives.


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